Mobile Marketing Still Missing Analytics Components

The buzz all over the mobile news world this new year is that this is “the” year for mobile. The press is buzzing about mobile commerce, retailer rewards programs leveraged off mobile platforms and mobile payments and checkouts. And let’s be honest, this is all really exciting news and it’s catchy from a PR standpoint. I love it. Don’t get me wrong. But, how about focusing on perfecting mobile marketing and really capitalizing on the unique opportunities that mobile offers? It seems that everyone is so caught up with keeping up with where the puck is going, that no one is taking the time to really perfect the nuts and bolts of what really matters: reaching mobile consumers in a relevant and highly personalized way, capitalizing on the way they use and when they use their phones to understand individual preferences and needs.

What mobile marketers are lacking these days is a focus on data and analytics.  Focusing on location data alone doesn’t do much for individual brands trying to achieve relevancy within this space. This is where the opportunity lies! This is la crème de la crème in the mobile space right now – and no one is doing it yet!

Why? Well, in order to achieve this type of personalization and relevancy, all of the different mobile players would have to work together. A data exchange and transparency between content owners, mobile marketing agencies, retailers, ad agencies and mobile app providers needs to occur, and I could be wrong, but I’m not convinced that this is the year when this will happen.

There do exist context-aware software analytics tools in the market today, but these aren’t widely used yet. Mobile marketers need to learn how to better leverage and build behavioral and context-relevant customer profiles utilizing these tools. This will allow them to create more personally dynamic user experiences for current and potential customers.

Picture it with me: You’re a busy working mom and you need to buy a gift for a kids birthday party this weekend. You have the birthday party scheduled into your mobile calendar. Wouldn’t it be great if four days before the party you got a coupon sent to your phone, while you’re on your lunch break, by the children’s toy store down the street, offering you 15% off of kids’ toys? The retailer would be leveraging data analytics from your mobile phone user profile. They would know you’re a mom (basic user demographics), what time you go on your lunch break (time and location based pattern recognition), that you have an upcoming kids party scheduled into your mobile calendar (via Google calendar) and providing the coupon at the exact time you need it would prompt you to visit their store, thereby capitalizing on the opportunity and completely setting themselves apart from other retailers in a crowded category.

By focusing on analytics, mobile marketers have the opportunity to monetize customer data and deliver a better, more relevant and interesting mobile experience. This is what consumers are waiting for.

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